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Advanced Marketing Assistance

If you already have a good handle on basic marketing strategies but need more help in taking your business to the next level, you need Brian Jud’s Advanced Marketing Package. In addition to answering your individual questions and giving you the benefit of 30 years of marketing experience, he can help you...

Create a marketing plan. Stop following the Ready, Go, Get Set planning sequence and start becoming more profitable. Planning is the most frequently overlooked step in successfully publishing a book. Jud will help you plan exactly what to do, when to do it and know what should happen when you do. ($3000)

Design the most appropriate distribution system for bookstores, libraries and non-bookstore markets (such as specialty stores, discount stores, airport stores, catalogs, schools and many more). Are you using the most effective distribution system for your titles, your customers and your business? Learn how dual-distribution strategies can double your sales and revenue. You may need a distributor and a wholesaler -- or maybe neither one. If you make the wrong decision the results can be devastating. Learn how to manage your distribution channels for more profitable sales. This includes contacting distribution companies for bookstores, libraries and special-sales markets. ($1500)

Analyze competition. Hundreds of new titles are published every day. Jud can identify your competitors, and suggest strategies for positioning, pricing and marketing your products and services to compete more profitably. Be able to answer the question you will be asked by every distributor, buyer and media producer. ($1000)

Learn how to perform better on the air, and sell more books. You can appear on hundreds of shows and never sell a book – unless you know the secrets of performing like a pro on any talk or news show, on television and radio. Brian is the host of a television show and a radio show. He has also been a guest on hundreds of other shows. With four hours of media training over the telephone or in person, Jud can help you avoid the major blunders and increase your chances of selling more books on the air. ($1000)

Promote your books more effectively. Are you getting the most bang from your promotional buck? Publicity is not the only promotional tool for selling books. In fact, it is only one of many, and in some cases it is the least effective. There are literally thousands of ways you can promote your titles, effectively, efficiently and economically. Discover how to deliver the most effective combination of publicity, advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing for your books, personality, markets, budget and available time. ($1500)

Purchase the services individually or save $1500 by purchasing the complete Advanced Marketing Package for $6500