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Basic Special-Sales Marketing Package

Are you getting your share of the $16 Billion non-bookstore market? Now you can, with this Basic Special-Sales Marketing Package customized to your titles. Discover unique market niches and specialty stores in which to sell your books. Find simple ways to sell more books in discount stores, warehouse clubs, catalogs, book clubs, associations, corporations, schools and government agencies in need of books just like yours. Many with no returns! You will get …

Tips, scripts and help for contacting buyers in corporations, associations, schools, government agencies and selling to the military, catalogs and book clubs

A package to submit to distributors for retailers that can sell your books to airport stores, discount stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets and pharmacies

Six hours of recorded webinars that will show you where to find more buyers in special markets that can buy thousands of your books

A listing in Jud’s special-sales program to sell your books on a non-returnable, commission basis to buyers in corporations, associations, schools and government agencies. Our national network of thousands of commissioned sales reps sells to buyers with whom they already have an existing relationship. You get:


Purchase this Basic Special-Sales Marketing Package for $2550

Bonus Offer: Sign up for the Basic Special-Sales Marketing Package and receive How to Make Real Money Selling Books (Without Worrying About Returns) and all of Brian Jud’s eight ebooklets on marketing planning, strategy, book production, promotion, pricing and distribution.