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Basic Marketing Assistance

If you would like strategic guidance and personal coaching for your unique situation, sign up for the Basic Marketing Package. In addition to answering your individual questions and giving you the benefit of 30 years of marketing experience, he can help you...

Define a production time line that will keep you on track, on budget and on time. You should experience greater revenue, more quickly. The decision on how many books to print can make or break a publishing venture. The right decision maximizes your profits and opportunities ($250)

Develop a book strategy. Jud will review your cover design and interior layout, and then make recommendations that will increase your book’s salability in bookstores and non-bookstore markets. Do not overlook the small points that can make a large difference in your sales. ($750)

Guaranteed distribution to chain bookstores. Jud worked with Marcella Smith (Small Press Business Manager, Barnes & Noble) to create a distribution-submission package. With it, two distribution companies have agreed to accept any titles I send them – including yours (if it is accepted into our program). You are guaranteed bookstore distribution. ($500)

Calculate the optimum price that will maximize your revenue and profits. Do you want to price your book for maximum sales and profits? Using a seven- or eight-times-cost formula can destroy your chances of success. Your book will be on store shelves next to competitive titles. Potential buyers compare prices and choose the lowest-priced book. Or do they? The price of your book could be the single most important decision you make. There are four basic pricing strategies, and one of them is perfect for your books and market conditions. ($250)

Create a list of appropriate local and national media – both print and broadcast. Do you want to get on more television and radio shows? Jud will show you practical and creative ways to get on any television or radio program. We will write a cover letter that will get the producers to call you and arrange an interview. ($1000)

A listing in Jud’s special-sales program to sell your books on a non-returnable, commission basis to buyers in corporations, associations, schools and government agencies. Our national network of thousands of commissioned sales reps currently sells to buyers with whom they have an existing relationship. ($250)

Purchase the services individually or save $500 by purchasing the complete marketing package for $2500

Bonus Offer: Sign up for the Basic Marketing Package and receive How to Make Real Money Selling Books (Without Worrying About Returns) and all of Brian Jud’s eight ebooklets on marketing planning, strategy, book production, promotion, pricing and distribution.