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About Consortium

We Send Your Fiction Book to People in Distribution Companies That Can Sell It

to Retailers For You

 We submit your book to known decision makers in distributors and wholesalers -- in the proper format, with a copy to you

The distribution companies contact you to finalize the agreements

You get 100% of any sale -- we do not take a percentage of it

As an author of fiction, you know the challenges of selling your books to non-bookstore buyers. The time and effort involved is great – even if you know who to contact and how to sell. We have developed a program to do this for you by making your book available to buyers in special markets through appropriate distributors appropriate.  

The chances of your book begin accepted is enhanced because we know the decision makers. We follow their specific guidelines for sending your book to distributors in non-bookstore markets like...

Warehouse clubs Supermarkets

Discount stores Military exchanges

Airport bookstores Museums, Parks

Specialty stores (Home Depot, Michaels Crafts, Williams

Sonoma, Toys R Us, Petco, Ace Hardware, etc)

Home shopping Networks Display Marketing Companies

This program is open to all fiction genres -- Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Murder, Science Fiction, Fantasy and more

How do you register for this program?

Email this information to a 50-word description of your book, its list price and a description of your target reader. We also need a list of competitive (similar) titles and the reasons why your book is different from and better than others. Include a detailed description of your promotion plans (types of TV and radio shows, publicity, advertising, personal presentations, willingness to conduct events at store locations, etc). Also, email a sample of your sales literature.

There is a $500 charge for us to send your book to five distribution companies that are most likely to distribute your book. Send 5 copies of your book to: Fiction Program, Premium Book Company, 50 Lovely Street, Suite 101, Avon, CT 06001. There is no guarantee that your book will be accepted.

Please go to (account to complete the payment process. If you prefer to call with your card number, please call (860) 675-1344. Or, email your card number to

Additional Marketing Programs for Fiction Titles

Email Blasts to thousands of sales representative who can sell your book. We create and send an email blast to an opt-in list of thousands of sales representatives calling on specific target buyers. These sales people expect, and look forward to receiving these emails. This program is a new and unique way to…

Bring your book to the attention of targeted sales reps

Provide sales tips so the reps can sell more of your books

Give examples of how your book could be used

Get more exposure for your books -- high opening rate

Send us the information – we do the layout

Approve your email before it is sent

Get a detailed report on how many reps opened your email

We sell in large, non-returnable quantities. When a sale is made, we invoice the buyer on your behalf for the discounted amount plus shipping. We pay you 40% of the retail price of your book. We also pay the shipping charges.

Direct mail campaigns to thousands of prospective buyers who can purchase your book. We can create a targeted direct-marketing campaign for you. Choose from our list of prospective buying groups customized to your book. Or, send us the segments to which you want your information sent. Send us information about your book and we do the layout for you. And you can approve your direct mail letter before it is sent. All orders go back to you so you receive 100% of the sale. Priced per project. Contact for more details.


Telephone Marketing. Professional telephone marketing people will call prospective buyers on your behalf. These could be corporate buyers, independent bookstores, niche retailers, associations, cruise ships, passenger train companies, travel agents/sites, bus tour companies, airlines, military exchanges, hotels, limousine services, restaurants, B&Bs, hospital gift shops, zoos, aquariums or other prospects appropriate to your book. Send us information about your book and target reader and we will write the script for you. You get to approve your script before it is sent. You get a detailed report on how many calls were made and the results of each. All orders go back to you so you receive 100% of the sale. Priced per project. Contact for more details.

For more information contact Brian Jud at

Or call (860) 675–1344