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Sell more books

Become more profitable

Sell in untapped, lucrative markets

Minimize -- if not eliminate -- returns

Experienced mentoring services

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Tap into Brian Jud’s 30+ years of sales and marketing experience

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Brian can show you how to …

Create a marketing plan. Stop following the Ready, Go, Get Set, planning sequence and start becoming more profitable. Planning is the most frequently overlooked step in successfully publishing a book. Brian will help you plan exactly what to do, when to do it and know what should happen when you do.

Calculate the optimum price for your books that will maximize your revenue and profits. Do you want to price your book for maximum sales and profits? Using a seven- or eight-times-cost formula can destroy your chances of success. Your book will be on store shelves next to competitive titles where potential buyers compare prices and choose the lowest-priced book. Or do they? The price of your book could be the single most important decision you make. There are four basic pricing strategies, and one of them is perfect for your books and market conditions. Learn how to do it right.

Create the most appropriate distribution system, and show you how you can quickly double your sales. Are you using the most effective distribution system for your titles, your customers and your business? Find out how using dual distribution can double your sales and revenue. You may need a distributor and a wholesaler, or maybe neither one. If you make the wrong decision the results can be devastating. Learn how to manage your distribution channels for more profitable sales.

Decide how many books to print. This decision alone can make or break a publishing venture. The right decision maximizes your inventory, profits and opportunities.

Analyze competition. Hundreds of thousands of new titles are published every year. Brian can identify your competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and suggest strategies for positioning, pricing and marketing your products and services to compete effectively.

Promote your books more effectively. Are you getting the most bang from your promotional buck? Publicity is not the only promotional tool for selling books. In fact, it is only one of many, and in some cases it is the least effective. There are literally thousands of ways you can promote your titles, effectively, efficiently and economically. Discover how to customize a promotional plan combining the most effective combination of publicity, advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing for your books, personality, markets, budget and available time.

Develop Your Business Strategically. Is your publishing business headed in the right direction? Are you sure? Is there another way that is easier and more profitable? There many things you can do to maximize sales, revenue and profits. Discover how you can best coordinate your product lines with innovative distribution networks, pricing programs and promotional campaigns. We can scrutinize each of your product lines to evaluate their contributions to the bottom line. We'll identify strong performers and develop strategies to help others make better contributions. Then we will help you identify and define new product lines that will fit into or expand upon your customer bases, marketing approach and delivery system. Your existing product lines can propel you into new markets, sometimes with slight repackaging concepts and strategy changes. We can provide insight into other opportunities for profitable developmental relationships.

Brian can also help you create a plan to enter special-sales markets

A good special-sales plan will make your business more effective, efficient and profitable

A customized plan will catapult you ahead of competition

Jud will analyze your marketing programs and opportunities

He will make recommendations to streamline your distributions network to help you open new, non-bookstore markets and create new revenue streams

Brian will calculate the most effective pricing structure to increase your profits

What does this mean for you?

With your new plan in place, you can…

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