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  • The basics of Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Planning new products to expand profits
  • Sales forecasting
  • Finding and working with distributors
  • Pricing strategies for greater net income
  • Generating “buzz” through publicity, advertising, sales promotion and selling
  • How to customize a list of potential buyers for your title
  • Dual-distribution strategies for maximum coverage
  • Creating new products for different markets
  • How to negotiate larger sales with corporations
  • Tips for selling more books to discount stores, gift shops, airport stores, museums, book clubs, catalogs and other non-traditional markets
  • Where to find the names of producers
  • How to answer any question
  • Creating a press release and press kit
  • Organizing a media tour
  • What to do when your mind goes blank
  • How to sell more books on the air
  • Avoiding the mistakes most authors make
  • How to perform successfully on television and radio
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Testimonials to Brian's Presentations

Brian Jud delivered three-and-a-half hours of fascinating and valuable information about how to market our books better, smarter, and more successfully than we ever imagined. He gave everyone useful ideas and methods that we could take back to our offices and put to immediate and good use. Brian Jud delivered 1,000 percent!
Betsy Lampe, President, Florida Publishers Association

Brian Jud was an integral factor to the success of the 13th Annual CIPA College. Our attendees loved the common sense, doable strategies along with the many "ahas" delivered throughout his presentation.
Judith Briles is the Past President of CIPA

Your presentations at each of the CAPA-U conferences have been widely attended, a testament to their value.
Beth Bruno, President of CT Authors and Publishers Association

Your presentation at the Infinity seminar was great - very stimulating. Thanks for all your ideas.
Peggy Canning, Publisher

Just a quick email to thank you for your valuable advice at the recent infinity Conference. It was good to meet you and to be able to express my appreciation for your work.
Dr. Stuart J. Malkin

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our group this week. We had the largest crowd ever at one of our meetings. Everyone I spoke to after the meeting said your presentation was very helpful and informative--information that they could take back to their offices and implement.
Sharon Goldinger

Thank you, Brian, for the presentation. You did a very good job presenting your ideas in an organized way, and your passion for your subject captured my attention. You certainly have confidence in your method and from what I've heard and read you have good reasons for it.
Rosemary Clandos, PALA

I want to personally thank you for your informative, bright, cheerful presentation for PALA. You are a great example of what can be done with energy, creativity, and organization. Your talk has generated very positive response from all.
Gary Young, President, Publishers Association of Los Angeles

As I mentioned after your presentation, it was both power-packed and well delivered.
Mr. Whimsy (Marc Frederic)

Brian Jud is author of Beyond the Bookstore (a Publishers Weekly book) and The Marketing Planning CD-ROM describing new ways to sell more books profitably to special-sales buyers. He is also the author of the new series of printed booklets published by R. R. Bowker with Proven Tips for Publishing Success. Brian is editor of the Book Marketing Matters special-sales newsletter, and creator of the Special-Sales Profit Center used by R. R. Bowker to sell other publishers' books to special markets. Contact Brian at P. O. Box 715, Avon, CT 06001; (800) 562-4357; or visit