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Brian Jud's book-marketing products and services can increase your sales, revenue and profits
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About Consortium

Now you can have an experienced

national sales force selling your books

to non-bookstore buyers

on a non-returnable, commission basis

Thousands of sales people can sell your books to buyers in corporations, associations, schools and government agencies

We will display your books in a catalog that is used by 65,000 commissioned salespeople to sell to buyers with whom they already have a relationship. When they take an order for your books, we will purchase them from you at 60% off the list price.


  • You will have sales representation to non-bookstore buyers for as long as your book is in print. Go to the home page for a link to our current catalog

    Your book will be displayed on our search engine accessible by even more salespeople


    There is a one-time set-up fee of $250 for the first title ($175 for the second and $125 for each additional title) to be included in our catalog. We have discounted pricing for additional titles. We also have 1/4-page ads, 1/2-page ads as well as full-page ads available. See our complete price list.

You in effect hire a national sales force of 65,000 reps for $250!


  • We will exhibit books at major premium shows and regional showcases

What's In It for You to Be In Our Program?

  • Become more profitable. We can sell large quantities of your books -- non-returnable.

  • You don’t have to sell any books. We know who and where the buyers are -- and what they want. We do all the selling and negotiating for you.

  • Get incremental revenue without having to do any of the selling.

  • Low cost. Once you pay the one-time catalog-set-up fee, we sell on a commission-only basis.

  • Reach non-bookstore buyers they never knew existed. We know the ins and outs of the business and where your books are most saleable.

  • Get a personal sales force without the cost. Our national team of experienced premium salespeople sells your books to their usual customers. They call on these people regularly and have the relationships in place that could take you years to nurture.

  • Focus on what you do best. Your strengths may be in writing or publishing books. Our strength is in selling them.

  • We can customize your books for each customer – at no cost to you. Some customers may require changes or additions to the cover design, such as foil stamping; there is no charge to you for PBC to arrange customization.

  • Participate in trade shows. PBC can represent or display your books at various trade and industry (gift, motivation, etc) trade shows and conferences. You can participate in each at book signings, too.

You get sales coverage in the search engine as soon as you register. Sign up now!

To find out the deadline for the next catalog contact We also need 5 copies of your book to use as samples. You can sign up for this program there.

If you want Brian to call you to discuss the details, let him know a number and a good time to call ( Or call him at (860) 675-1344.