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Brian Jud's book-marketing products and services can increase your sales, revenue and profits
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Book Marketing Works, LLC
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   Book Marketing Works, LLC (BMW) is a leading and respected company that provides high quality, sales and marketing resources that enhance our clients’ efforts to sell more books in non-bookstore markets. BMW is the only company in the publishing industry that can provide authors and publishers with the leads, instructions and continuing assistance they need to increase their revenue and profits in special markets.

   BMW began in 1996 as a Limited Liability Company with principals Brian Jud (President of Publishing Directions, LLC, established in 1990) and Art Salzfass. The initial effort was to conduct marketing seminars. Early in 2001 Book Marketing Works signed an agreement with Publishers Weekly to conduct a series of six book-marketing seminars. Later, Publishers Marketing Association (PMA) was invited to become a co-presenter of the seminars and other major book-industry firms (BookZone, iUniverse, Writer’s Digest, joined as sponsors. These efforts resulted in the first Mastering the Book Market seminar that occurred in November 2001. It was at this event that four major turns of events occurred.

  1. The focus of the company was placed upon the special-sales segment of the market. BMW now works to help publishers sell more books outside of bookstores.

  2. Our product line evolved to include new ways to help authors and publishers sell more books into special-sales segments:

    Book Market Map™
    Book Marketing Matters™ is an opt-in, bi-monthly email newsletter
    Book Market Direct™ for selling our clients’ books to non-bookstore prospects

  3. The strategy of creating strategic alliances to enhance our exposure, credibility and market standing was incorporated into our overall strategy. For example Writer’s Digest choose BMW as their first and only sponsor of their self-publishing contest. Beyond the Bookstore, published in January 2004, is a Publishers Weekly book, published by Reed Press. Additional projects are underway with these two partners.

  4. We decided to add the capability to sell our clients’ books for them into special-sales markets. This entailed hiring a new sales and administrative team.


Brian Jud

President and Founder

Brian Jud, President

  Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, seminar leader, television host and president of Book Marketing Works, LLC.

Special-Sales Marketing Expert
  Brian is active in special-sales marketing. He is the author of the Publishers Weekly title, Beyond the Bookstore and The Marketing Planning CD-ROM that accompanies it. Brian is the editor of the Book Marketing Matters newsletter on special sales topics. Brian developed and introduced the Special-Sales Profit Center, the web-based, targeted-marketing system that helps deliver incremental sales and profits. This system is being used by publishers around the country and by R. R. Bowker to sell books to non-bookstore markets.

Experienced Media Performer
  Brian is the producer and host of the television series The Book Authority and has aired six hundred shows. In addition, he is the author, narrator and producer of the media-training video program You're On The Air. He also wrote and published its companion guides, It's Show Time and Perpetual Promotion. These books describe techniques for authors to get on and perform on television and radio shows. Brian is the co-host of The Writer's Roundtable radio show on World Talk Radio. He is a frequent media guest and has appeared on Today.

Successful Author
  In addition to Beyond the Bookstore, Brian wrote and self-published five books on career transition that are distributed internationally and translated into Spanish. He wrote seven booklets on job-search strategies, and is the author, narrator and producer of the video program The Art of Interviewing. He is a prolific writer of articles about book publishing and marketing. He is a syndicated columnist and a regular contributor to the PMA Newsletter, SPAN Newsletter and Book Marketing Update. He is the author of the eight e-booklets with Proven Tips for Publishing Success, and is the author of the printed booklets with the same eight titles, published by R. R. Bowker.

Professional Speaker
  Brian is a regular speaker on marketing topics at PMA-University, the annual SPAN Conference, and for publishing groups around the country. He has conducted numerous seminars, and is the co-host of the Book Marketing 201™ series of seminars held nationally. Brian is an adjunct lecturer of sales and marketing courses for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut. And he is the founder and president of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association.


Art Salzfass

Art Salzfass

Art Salzfass has spent forty years as an entrepreneur, co-founder, and/or chief executive / operating officer of a number of public and privately owned technology based businesses primarily involved in computers, communications, and database marketing. He has been a book publisher and has a keen interest in special sales (non-traditional book distribution), “Private Label Publishing," and both print-on-demand and content-on-demand. He is currently a member of several boards of directors in companies in various industries. He holds the Certified Financial Planning [CFP] designation; an AB from Columbia College; and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


George Klein

George Klein

George Klein founded Advanced InfoStructures, Inc. in 1978. AI was an IT consulting firm specializing in the then-new field of fourth generation database systems. In 1981, Mr. Klein co-founded Relay Communications, Inc., a software firm that created communications software that linked personal computers to each other and to mainframes to trade data and perform terminal emulation. Relay's main market was Fortune 1000 companies. Relay was sold in 1988 to Microcom, Inc., a large manufacturer of communications hardware. In 1997, Mr. Klein co-founded Compliance Tools, Inc., a software firm that supplies personal trading compliance software to large money managers such as mutual funds.